Want to be a psychic medium?

Please provide your credit card number and expiration date. That’s what my sweetheart recently did. Over a grand for…what? I have no idea. I truly hope it works. There’s no “scientific” proof that it won’t. But there is a ton of evidence that people are making money off of fake psychic/medium services. I prefer to deal in probabilities (“gray areas”) rather than absolutes (“black & white”) in this sort of thing. I believe the most highly-probable result of her 12-session online class will be disappointment that she still isn’t getting messages from the dead.

I got a very clear message from my deceased father-in-law at one point in time about eight years ago. I can’t know if it was from the “other side” or from fabrications and constructs in my own brain/memory. At any rate, it was shocking. I perceived his voice—as if it was out loud and clear as day—saying something to me when I was outdoors, sober, in the middle of the day. While his daughter (my wife) was so excited about my experience and the message I “heard” from him, it makes her that much more disappointed that she’s not hearing from either of her parents.

My science-based, agnostic perspective has me believing the “most probable” reality is that there is no god. If there is a god, I’d like to hear her explain why she’s such an evil bitch. Why does she let so many terrible things happen to the humans and other animals on Earth? My perspective on the credibility of mediums is constantly tainted by the mediums, their deceptive practices, and their cruel manipulation of people with broken hearts, wanting so badly to get in touch with the deceased.

If I’m ultimately wrong about whether there is a god or whether there is actually a legitimate, psychic medium somewhere on this planet, I’ll be delighted. I don’t have a problem with my bride spending money trying to explore this dubious realm. I’ve spent plenty of money on bicycles I don’t need and she’s never said a word about that. It’s this independence and respect for each other’s “right to choose” that keeps us humming along together, happily ever after.