Pseudoscience Backed By “Scientific” Research

This article hits the nail on the head in helping to explain how so many “otherwise intelligent” people absolutely believe the conspiracy theories that get propagated on the Internet. Bad interpretation of “sound” research is just one of the many ways that people start to believe complete BS. This Smithsonian article is near and dear to my heart because I spent several years working as a market research professional for large corporations. Fortunately, my clients wanted to know the truth rather than have me and my business partner come up with justification for the client’s story.

There’s no easy way to get around the bad science that “proves” things almost as crazy as the idea (that jumping out of an aircraft with nothing but an empty backpack is as safe as jumping out with a parachute). Why? Because even those people who are willing to read are generally too lazy to question an “authority” once they have developed a tiny bit of trust in the source. There are so many [f*cking crazy] experts with various degrees out there who record enough videos for WooVoodoo followers to believe all their demented, scientifically-supported nonsense.

There’s no easy fix for this problem. But I can say that if you’re a WooVoodoo victim and are OPEN to the possibility that what you just read or watched might not be true, try asking someone who has a great deal of experience in conducting and/or reviewing research to take a look at the research and find the possible key(s) to where the BS part of the conclusions are hidden.

Sadly, many WooVoodoo victims don’t even need to be shown the scientific research. They’ll be happy to believe a story with some doctored or misinterpreted images go along with a conspiracy theory.

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