In the beginning…

One of the most popular books on the planet begins with those words, “In the beginning…” They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but flattering the bible is not something I want to do now or plan to do in my lifetime. However, beginnings are a crucial part of anything new, whether it’s a child’s life, a large development project, or a blog. This “” blog is a small development project, but I still want to give it some serious thought and ask some basic questions, like “why?” which can help answer other questions like “what?” and “for whom?”



If I’m to choose a short, simple answer to the “why” question, it’s this: I love my wife dearly and care very much for her and about her. I’ll write more about her journey—obviously written from my perspective—in a future blog entry.

That doesn’t provide much insight into my “purpose” in writing here. In fact, one would assume that I’m asking her to read my blog if I’m writing it because I love her. Well, I’m not even telling her about it yet, and I may never tell her.


Have you ever written a letter or email without sending it? That’s sort of what this is. I’m writing here to collect my thoughts. From the name of the blog, you can guess what those thoughts are about, but let’s take this one day at a time. For a proper answer to the “What?” question, one needs to identify the scope. I’ll probably narrow the scope down in the future, but for now the list of topics includes religions and other cults, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and the people behind them. Through forcing myself to write about these topics, I’ll be forced to study them further.

For Whom?

Let’s face it…a blog that’s supposed to help me collect and analyze my thoughts is primarily for me. While I collect these thoughts, I’m obviously open to sharing them since I’m writing them in a blog. Random visitors from around the world may stumble upon this blog while they’re in search of something, but I’m not seeking them out. If they have thoughts on my writing, I welcome inputs and might reply as well. That would be a nice fringe benefit of the public view. In fact, maybe someday this blog will get traction, visitors, and lots of discussion and feedback. That would mean that perhaps my love and care for my wife might spill over and benefit the lives of others.

But wait!

If you’re a “connect the dots” kind of person, you might be thinking, “How is this going to do anything for your wife if you don’t share it with her?” Honestly, I don’t think she’d take very kindly to this level of investigation and repudiation. I don’t want this to turn into a public marital battle. It doesn’t need to be. Our kids are grown up so we don’t need to debate the vaccine question. Thankfully her pursuit of alternate realities was not so far along back then. If it was, that would have been a hell of a fight because we’re both inclined to fight for what we believe in. So I plan to learn and sort out a LOT while strategically sharing only “gem” findings that might illuminate her understanding and interpretation.


Whether in my blog entries or my discussions with others, I’ll do my best to avoid “judging” people. I hope to express my thoughts with love and compassion, which isn’t necessarily my native style, which can be brash with lame attempts to be humorous. I’ll try to steer away from unprovable rebuttals, which generally apply to anything “spiritual.” I won’t try to deny anyone’s feelings. They know how they feel better than I ever could. What I will NOT steer away from are scam artists who are clearly deceiving people or leading them to believe things that are objectively ridiculous.

OK, let’s go!

This will have to do as my “straw dog” framework for my new blog. I’m wishing me luck and the drive to persevere.

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